Car goals for 2020

We all have goals for the New Year, but it can be easy to forget the very thing that gets us to and from the office, soccer field, school, you name it. It’s important that as we begin planning for 2020, we take time to set some car goals too. Whether it’s to own a new one, get better insurance, or increase our commitment to better preventive maintenance, it’s all important. 

Here are some great articles about buying a new or used car:

Looking to get a better auto insurance rate?

When it comes to preventive maintenance, there’s plenty you can do on your own:

Check all fluids for levels and color: Check fill lines and look for dirty colors. You need enough of each fluid but they also need to be clean in order to do their jobs well. Once they start breaking down, they are far less effective.

Tires: Check for wear and tear as well as for damage on the sidewalls. Make sure the tread is good and the pressure is right on target. Healthy tires increase fuel efficiency as well as help you properly grip the road and stop when you apply the brakes. 

Lights: Outside and inside lights should be working properly. Have someone stand behind your vehicle to help you check brake and running lights. Replace interior bulbs as well.

Wiper blades: Don’t wait for a terrible downpour to find out your blades can’t do their job right. They break down over time, but you’ll want them to have what it takes to effectively wipe away water and debris. 

Other goals should be organizing your vehicle as well as cleaning it inside and out on a regular basis. Those help to maintain the integrity of your paint job as well as the interior of your car. 

You don’t have to face your 2020 car-care goals on your own. Visit American Five Star Auto Repair & Transmission for your auto and safety needs. Make an appointment online today! American Five Star Auto Repair & Transmission is conveniently located at 2070 E. Apache Road, Suite 101, Tempe, AZ 85281. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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