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How To Help Your Vehicle Survive Summer

Summer’s sizzle can take a lot out of everybody and everything, including your car. Yes, we know your vehicle is an inanimate object. But, if the high temps are affecting you, your pets, your air conditioning bills, your plants, and your desire to go outside, imaging what extreme temperatures are doing to your car, truck, van, or SUV. If you want your vehicle to survive summertime temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit, we have a few tips for you to consider: Protect your paint. Car paint will fade in regular, everyday sunshine. That’s a given. However, soaring temperatures can make a car’s paint job deteriorate faster, or even make it peel. Avoid paint sunburn by coating your car with a fine layer of wax or paint sealant. Not only will it protect the paint from fading, but it’ll also help fend off scratches and swirls made by road debris and dirt. Park in the shade. Shade is your car’s friend during the heat of the day. Many people fight for t ... read more


Auto Repair

New Engine Replacement

So you need a new engine? Here at American Five Star Auto Repair & Transmission we found a supplier of factory new engines. Not rebuild but new line engines straight from the manufacture. These engines come complete. Ready for years and years of dependable driving. Yes we can repair or overhaul your engine, but if we can get a new engine for close to repair costs. why not.  Here we have a 2007 Tahoe with just over two hundred thousand miles on it.  This engine lost compression on number 4 cylinder. Upon inspection we found that the intake valve was not open because of a failed lifter. So we could have installed a new set of lifters. But then we would have to address the cause of failure, worn oil pump. Then being a variable displacement engine the solenoid would have to looked at closely. The cost of those are not inexpensive plus labor. And lets face it, the engine still has over 200,000 miles so engine replacement it the way to go

Yes, Your Transmission needs to be serviced.

Yes, Your Transmission needs to be serviced.

When a transmission needs to be serviced? A transmission needs to be serviced every 30,000 miles to keep the hydraulic passages clean and renew the lubricity and viscosity of the fluid. Along with filter replacement, this will eliminate the need of transmission repair near me. Here is a perfect example of why transmission service is needed. #transmission repair #transmission service #transmission repair mesa #transmission repair chandler

So why do I need struts and shocks?

So why do I need struts and shocks?  Shocks and struts are not only for ride comfort there also for stopping. When shocks and struts start leaking fluid they have been neglected for sometime. There are two chambers to a strut or shock, one filled with oil but the other filled with gas. Gas will always leak out before the oil. This is why a leaking strut or shock is way past its safety life.   We recommend shocks to be replaced every 50,000 miles and here in Arizona Struts every 75,000 miles due to our lack of potholes.   The purpose of strut and shocks are not only for ride comfort and stability. They are also for stopping. When you apply your brakes the transfer of weight  from the back to the front is increased. The struts and shocks slow that transfer of energy allowing evenly distributed energy between Back and Front.   Bad struts and shocks will cause the vehicle to lose 10 feet of stopping distance.  So if your struts ... read more

How to Calculate running hours into miles, so you can maintain your Fleet Vehicle.

How to Calculate running hours into miles, so you can maintain your Fleet Vehicle.

  When servicing your automotive and truck fleets. I am always told that, "this vehicle has only 46,000 miles on it! it is almost new still." Then I ask well how many hours on the hour meter? 5667 hours. So what does this mean in mileage?     So know we know the complete history of the vehicle use. So how to calculate, in miles, so we can determined what service interval to use.   First you take the hours, in this case is 5667 hours, multiply by 33. Because every hour at idle is 33 miles of wear. Then subtract the mileage of the vehicle, in this case is 46,000 miles. So the total would be in this case, 141,011 miles. Which we all know is not new. So with this calculation 90 hour is 3,000 miles which is an average oil change and your 30,000 mile service would be every 909 hours.   So lets re-cap: hours multiplied by 33, minus vehicle mileage equals true vehicle mileage in hours.  This is how American Five Sta ... read more

Why buying parts on the internet for your auto repair, might not be in your best interest.

 So you want your vehicle repaired. You went to a local repair shop and they provided you with an estimate to fix your vehicle. The price was more than expected. So your thought is; I am going to try to find it cheaper. So you called around a few more places to find price ranges. After that you went to your trusting friend "the internet". You started looking for your parts and you are surprised at how much different the price is. Wow! A significant difference. So why so much more at your local repair shop you ask yourself?        So you now decide to order the part and in two days the part arrives. You think maybe I will replace it myself, you open the hood or go underneath your vehicle and you are now apprehensive, all those parts! And now realize you may need special tools and decide. "Maybe I need a professional to install this part". You then go to your auto shop and ask "if they would install your part" ... read more

Where to repair your diesel engine in Tempe AZ?

Where to repair your diesel engine in Tempe AZ?

The Diagnosis process:    When you have a diesel engine that is malfunctioning first you need to check: Engine oil, make sure oil is full and still has its viscosity. Air Filter, make sure clean so engine has air flow. Fuel Filter should be replaced every oil change to make sure it has good flow to the injectors. After all this checks are done then you will need to find a repair facility to scan on-board engine computer and record data stream. This is where the technician can tell whether there is a issue with an sensor an injector or wiring issue. Once the problem has been identified then circuit testing will be necessary to confirm faulty component. At this point a price came be determined to solve the issue.     The Repair process:     Once the issue has been identified with the diesel engine. The technician can order parts needed to complete the repair. And proceed to disassembling and inspecting ... read more

Classic Car Auto Repair

Classic car auto repair is one of our main focuses. This are the fun easy vehicles to work on. A forty or fifty year old car that is still on the road and stands the test of time is a real joy. The power that these vehicle have and the style is unmatched. American Five Star Car Care & Transmission takes gentle car with this piece of American nostalgia. Transmissions in these vehicle are simple compared to the units today. But the parts are no long available and hard to find. We at American Five Star have team up with partners around the country to locate hard to find parts to cost effectually overhaul these machines. American Five Star puts in the time to ensure proper operation for many years to come. Steering and suspension is another speciality of American Five Star. These parts seem to where out more often. Maybe because there not driven often of just the weight, but what ever the case quality parts here is most important. These vehicle's are mad ... read more

RV Service & Repair

RV Service & Repair

If you need service work done on your Commercial, RV, bus or other large vehicle in Tempe, AZ as well as in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, or the Gilbert area, be sure to contact the service team here at American Five Star. Our highly trained and qualified service technicians are ready to help you with repairs or service for your Commercial vehicle, RV or big truck. From general repairs and maintenance, factory recalls, and warranty service, to oil changes, transmission service, brake service, or even engine repair. American Five Star has a fully equipped service and repair facility that is able to handle more than just cars, trucks and SUVs. Aside from providing advanced technology and expert technicians for regular vehicles, we also have a state-of-the-art RV Repair & Service Center in Tempe. Our certified technicians can handle motor homes of all kinds, from Class A Diesels to 5th Wheels and more. Visit our RV repair facility in Tempe and allow us to assess any problems you may be ... read more

Diesel Repair Tempe

Diesel Repair Tempe When your engine smokes, lack of boost or just not running right. Call us to have your Diesel Engne Diagnosed. From simple maintenance to major engine overhauls we got you covered. American Five Star has access to all the latest updates and information to makes sure your Diesel engine runs and drives the way it is designed too. There are many Diesel Repair shops out there, what seperates American Five Star is our attention to detail, quick turn around service and our Convenient location. Makes American Five Star your perfect choice. Powerstroke, Cummins, Duramax, Detroit, Caterpillar & International no matter which diesel your power plant American Five Star is your one stop shop

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