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Monthly Archives: March 2017

New Engine Replacement

So you need a new engine? Here at American Five Star Auto Repair & Transmission we found a supplier of factory new engines. Not rebuild but new line engines straight from the manufacture. These engines come complete. Ready for years and years of dependable driving. Yes we can repair or overhaul your engine, but if we can get a new engine for close to repair costs. why not.  Here we have a 2007 Tahoe with just over two hundred thousand miles on it.  This engine lost compression on number 4 cylinder. Upon inspection we found that the intake valve was not open because of a failed lifter. So we could have installed a new set of lifters. But then we would have to address the cause of failure, worn oil pump. Then being a variable displacement engine the solenoid would have to looked at closely. The cost of those are not inexpensive plus labor. And lets face it, the engine still has over 200,000 miles so engine replacement it the way to go

Yes, Your Transmission needs to be serviced.

Yes, Your Transmission needs to be serviced.

When a transmission needs to be serviced? A transmission needs to be serviced every 30,000 miles to keep the hydraulic passages clean and renew the lubricity and viscosity of the fluid. Along with filter replacement, this will eliminate the need of transmission repair near me. Here is a perfect example of why transmission service is needed. #transmission repair #transmission service #transmission repair mesa #transmission repair chandler

So why do I need struts and shocks?

So why do I need struts and shocks?  Shocks and struts are not only for ride comfort there also for stopping. When shocks and struts start leaking fluid they have been neglected for sometime. There are two chambers to a strut or shock, one filled with oil but the other filled with gas. Gas will always leak out before the oil. This is why a leaking strut or shock is way past its safety life.   We recommend shocks to be replaced every 50,000 miles and here in Arizona Struts every 75,000 miles due to our lack of potholes.   The purpose of strut and shocks are not only for ride comfort and stability. They are also for stopping. When you apply your brakes the transfer of weight  from the back to the front is increased. The struts and shocks slow that transfer of energy allowing evenly distributed energy between Back and Front.   Bad struts and shocks will cause the vehicle to lose 10 feet of stopping distance.  So if your struts ... read more

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