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Best Way to Pack Your Trunk

Best Way to Pack Your Trunk

Packing your trunk can be like a game of Tetris! You have to strategically put in the luggage and sometimes it takes multiple tries to fit everything. It’s hard to fit a full family into the back of one car, each suitcase is different size and shape. Once you have everything in you still have to make sure the trunk will close. Worry no more, check out these tips and tricks to make packing your trunk easy and painless.  First things first, clean out your car and make as much room as possible before you start packing. If you have multiple bags that need to be packed the easiest bags are soft bags, like a duffle. They take up less room and are easier to shift around and pack into small spaces. Suitcases are large and you can’t fit as much as you could with a soft bag. Another great way to save space and make packing your car easier is rent when you can. If you are going to an amusement park or somewhere public, they typically have strollers or wheelchairs you can use or ... read more


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