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What’s the Difference Between a Major Service & a Minor Service?

At American Five Star Auto Repair & Transmission, many of our customers bring their vehicles in for both major and minor service. But what does that mean for your vehicle?   To be perfectly clear, check the Owner's Manual of your car for factory-recommended service. For most vehicles, minor service is recommended every 7500 miles, and major service is recommended every 15,000 miles. Both minor and major service provides preventive maintenance that will greatly lower the risk of your car having a breakdown.   Think about it this way, minor service is like going to the dentist’s office to get your teeth cleaned. When you see the dentist, you’ll get your teeth inspected for cavities, undergo a good cleaning, and your dentist will tell you about the areas where you can improve your dental hygiene, like flossing every day. Similarly, major service is when your dentist notices that big cavity and recommends scheduling a root canal so you can extend the life ... read more


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