Classic Car Auto Repair

Classic car auto repair is one of our main focuses. This are the fun easy vehicles to work on. A forty or fifty year old car that is still on the road and stands the test of time is a real joy. The power that these vehicle have and the style is unmatched. American Five Star Car Care & Transmission takes gentle car with this piece of American nostalgia.

Transmissions in these vehicle are simple compared to the units today. But the parts are no long available and hard to find. We at American Five Star have team up with partners around the country to locate hard to find parts to cost effectually overhaul these machines. American Five Star puts in the time to ensure proper operation for many years to come.

Steering and suspension is another speciality of American Five Star. These parts seem to where out more often. Maybe because there not driven often of just the weight, but what ever the case quality parts here is most important. These vehicle's are made in America, not over seas, so if these vehicle are to last quality parts are a must.

Carburators, yes American Five Star still repairs and overhauls them. Not the main stream anymore but for those who want original there is not much to do but overhaul. We don't just replace parts, American Five Star fixes what need to be fixed. Machine components to factory specification.

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