How to Calculate running hours into miles, so you can maintain your Fleet Vehicle.

  When servicing your automotive and truck fleets. I am always told that, "this vehicle has only 46,000 miles on it! it is almost new still." Then I ask well how many hours on the hour meter? 5667 hours. So what does this mean in mileage?

  So know we know the complete history of the vehicle use. So how to calculate, in miles, so we can determined what service interval to use.

  First you take the hours, in this case is 5667 hours, multiply by 33. Because every hour at idle is 33 miles of wear. Then subtract the mileage of the vehicle, in this case is 46,000 miles. So the total would be in this case, 141,011 miles. Which we all know is not new. So with this calculation 90 hour is 3,000 miles which is an average oil change and your 30,000 mile service would be every 909 hours. 

 So lets re-cap: hours multiplied by 33, minus vehicle mileage equals true vehicle mileage in hours.

 This is how American Five Star Auto Repair & Transmission understands what needs to be serviced and when.

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