How to Improve the Smell of the Interior of Your Car

There are some simple and cheap ideas on how to keep your car smelling delightful. Below are some suggestions that are remarkably effective and won't break your wallet. Since the average American drives approximately 14,000 miles a year, they deserve to be in a vehicle that is palatable to the nose.

Check out these simple do-it-yourself ways to keep your car smelling fresh:

1. Add essential oils to a clay disc

Add approximately 15 drops of your favorite essential oil to a clay disc. When the clay has absorbed the oil, you place it in the vehicle and enjoy the wonderful smell. Not only is this method easy, it lasts for quite a while. Find a special-purpose clay disc at a kitchen specialty store or craft store. You can also find a cheap terra-cotta flower pot for a few dollars at a home improvement store.

2. Dryer sheets

Open a box of dryer sheets and keep it under your front seat. For best results, change the box every two to three months. You can even take some of the sheets out of the box and rub it over over the seats and dashboards. This is a great way to remove the smell of smoke or the last meal you ate with a freshness pick-up.

3. Fill a sock with coffee

Are you the type of person who just loves the smell of coffee in the morning? If so, this simple and effective method could be perfect for you. Keep that pleasant coffee smell lingering and fill up a sock (or 2 or 3) and place them under the seats. Be sure to tie them well! If you don't have a sock to spare,  just put the coffee in a bag.

4. Make a ribbon-and-cotton-ball air freshener

Created a car-vent air freshener with your favorite essential oils and combine it with a ribbon and cotton ball. Not only are they pretty adorable, but they can be put in the vent creating a better odor than the hanging air fresheners. Plus it only costs a few dollars to make.

5. Baking soda

Sometimes it's best to just go back to the basics. Baking Soda has been eliminating odors in all types of spaces for decades. It's cheap, effective, and easy to find.

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