Spring Cleaning in your Garage

Welcome to April’s blog! With spring now in full bloom, we are talking about spring cleaning and why your garage likely needs some attention as you start the season.

There are many great reasons for you to devote a weekend towards spring cleaning your garage, and those reasons might even surprise you. Here’s our top four:

  • You could use more organization and space - With space in our homes a constant issue, this is the usual reason we get up and spring clean our garages. But think about how much better and more efficient your garage will be when you’ve been through it and made decisions on what to do with assets you haven’t touched in over a year. It’s an excellent clarifying moment: do I really need that slowly-drying original paint since I changed the wall color? If you haven’t set up a tool desk, this is the perfect excuse to start planning one or reassess your current one for clarity.
  • You’ll likely discover lost or forgotten assets - When you clean the garage out for the first time in a year, you’ll probably find a lot of junk that you’ve set down to get out of your way. But you may also find some assets you thought were lost or had completely forgotten. With better organization, you’ll remember exactly where these things are and can make certain that they are waiting for you in a condition that will preserve and protect them.
  • It’s an Easy Win for the Home Team - Clutter and mess can create anxiety, both for you and your partner. Cleaning these messes together can help you create a more relaxing environment together and eliminate possible depression over the state of the house. It’s gratifying to get a space that’s unkempt or disorganized to a point where you know exactly where everything resides. And that frees you up to work on bigger things, on the high of a ‘win’ together!
  • You might just spot some dangers - Sometimes, when we get used to storing things in an outside space, we tend to forget what kind of chemicals and items we’ve got just a few feet from our kitchens. We can accumulate many health risks in the average garage over the course of one year. You might be exposing your family to a wide range of chemicals, including brake fluids, degreasers, and other dangerous substances. A good clean-out can ensure these items are properly secured and disposed of if they are past their relevance. And when you clean your floor, it might just lead to noticing a leak from your car-- which is something you’ll want to relay to your trusted mechanic!

At American Five Star, we hope cleaning out your garage together is a fun exercise that helps you and your partner or family feel better about your home. If you discover a leak on your garage floor and believe that you may need automotive service, don’t forget to call American Five Star for assistance today!


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