Turning Fears Into Love: Customer Service that Redefines the Auto Repair

We see it often when we give customers bad news about their car. Sometimes it starts with a flinch and then gradually becomes a look of disappointment on their faces. It’s a crushing moment to know you’re about to lose some money to the upkeep and repair of your car.

No one relishes spending money meant to enrich your family’s life on car repairs. Even genuine love of your car still makes it difficult to surrender to the inevitable: you need help with your vehicle, and you’ll have to sacrifice some of the money you’ve saved and budgeted.

We work very hard to put you at ease in our shop because we want you to know that we are your allies, and not predators waiting to collect on you. When we do inspections, we give you an idea of all the needs your car has and the timeline they are most likely to need service in to allow you to adjust your budget safely and spend as you can afford to manage.

Advanced planning and working within your budget is the cornerstone of preventative maintenance. We hope you will heed our advice and do your best to schedule your needs before they become musts or problems that prevent you from driving your vehicle. It is far cheaper to fix issues on the advice you’re given before those problems damage your car.

At American Five Star, we see the anxiety on customers’ faces, and we work to replace your fears with trust. By coming through for you, we work to turn your faith in us to love. We offer multiple finance options, including the CarCareOne card, EasyPay Finance, and American First Finance, to give options that keep you and your car in motion.

We want our customers to keep coming to us, year after year, knowing that we have our eye on their engine and that we want to protect you and your car out on the highway. If you have any current outstanding issues, don’t forget to call American Five Star for service today!



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