Watching Out for Our Children Going Back to School

COVID-19 has changed the way the world works, but life must go on! Parents these days are figuring it out, and might have already had a taste of new online learning formats. Each individual schooling situation is unique, and parents will have their own views about shelter-in-place schooling. Regardless of what your local school plans on doing, keep reading for some useful tips to watch out for our kids going back-to-school!

You’ve probably been contacted by your child’s school district by now to learn about their education plan for the upcoming school plan. Going back to school may not work for everyone, depending on the health status of everyone in the home. Distance learning had become the standby for most educational institutions, so see what options are open to you and your child. If your child’s school district has plans to phase back into in-person learning, then the choice will be up to you and whatever risks you’re willing to live with should they open back up. Do your research, and learn about your options!

Kids who are going back to school should be doubly aware of their hygiene and social distancing practices. You can help your kids out while they’re home by teaching them the importance of cleanliness, wearing a mask, washing their hands often, and social distancing. Instruct them how and how long to wash their hands, as well as not touch their faces. You’ve probably already done this, so this step is simple. 

On the off-chance that someone in your household gets sick, have a plan. To make things easier and avoid the risk of further spreading COVID-19, have a plan in place in case any member of your family catches COVID-19. Keep fully stocked on supplies like tissues, canned soups, broths, fluids, medications, and sports drinks. To safeguard your kids, you’ll want to figure out who can watch them should you contract COVID-19 yourself. Also, find out who you should contact at your child’s school in case they catch it. 

While distance learning will be the most common learning format, shelter-in-place requirements are a stress on us all, especially on little ones. Help them out by making a routine for school and schoolwork. If your kids are still having trouble focusing or are feeling jittery, reassure them that it’s normal to feel stress. The best way to help them is to be supportive, caring, and a good listener. Let them know that they aren’t alone in feeling frustrated or anxious, and help them figure out healthy ways to blow off steam.
The number-one way to watch out for our kids who are going back to school is to have as little contact with others as possible. If you do contract COVID-19, immediately quarantine yourself, and let everyone you know you’ve been in contact know to quarantine and test themselves too. No matter what, do everything you can to ease their transition into school during COVID-19, and be patient! 

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