What Are Your Car’s Main Fluids?

Ensuring that your car’s fluids are in check is one of the most vital parts of taking care of your vehicle. With continued innovation in the automotive industry, fluid care has become even more essential than ever before. To learn more about the most critical fluids within your car, keep reading!

Motor Oil: Motor oil is one of the most common fluids associated with car maintenance. The oil in your car ensures that your engine is lubricated throughout and runs smoothly. It is also essential to avoid overheating your engine. To check this, make sure your engine is cold before you attempt. 

Radiator Fluid: Your radiator fluid also allows your engine to run without overheating while driving. However, caution should be used when checking it. You should always check it after you’ve driven your car around, but while it is neither hot nor cold. 

Transmission Fluid: Transmission fluid, similar to motor oil, helps to lubricate your transmission and protect against overheating of your transmission. When checking your transmission fluid, look for a pink or clear color. If you see little particles floating around or smell something burnt, it’s time to change it.

Brake Fluid: Hydraulic brake fluid keeps your braking smooth and easy. Without it, your vehicle wouldn’t have as much braking power, and your stops wouldn’t be as reactive or quick as is needed. Your brake fluid works under intense heat and pressure, which is what gives you the stopping power with last-second braking. 

Air Conditioning Coolant Fluid: Also called refrigerant or Freon, your air conditioning coolant fluid is especially important in the summer months. This coolant fluid is what your car pumps your air through in its air conditioning system. Air conditioning units are prone to leaks, which you should always look out for. They can affect not only how much cold air your A/C will pump out, but can damage the ozone if not fixed.

No matter your car’s fluid needs, the team at American Five Star Auto Repair is only a call away! If you find yourself in need of a full vehicle fluids check or something as simple as an oil change, our team is here to help. At American Five Star Auto Repair, we love helping you to take care of your vehicle, which includes whatever you use your car for!  To schedule an appointment for auto repair or preventive maintenance, make an appointment online today! American Five Star Auto Repair & Transmission is conveniently located at 2070 E. Apache Road, Suite 101, Tempe, AZ 85281. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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