What Everyone Should Know About Changing a Flat Tire

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Welcome to American Five Star Auto Repair & Transmission’s May Blog! With the start of May, spring is in full bloom, and we hope you’ve been able to enjoy some time outside before the summer sun hits. Today, we’re talking about what every driver should know about dealing with a flat tire on the road.

Sooner or later, a blow-out happens to all of us. The initial shock of it is traumatizing, and if you can’t get roadside assistance, it can be very distressing. That’s why it’s best to prepare for an incident with the knowledge of how to change a tire.

There are some guidelines to follow if you’ve never had to deal with a flat tire yourself:

  • Pull completely off the road. If you can manage it, get off the road as much as possible. Emergency workers have a law protecting them from careless drivers passing inches from them; you don’t have that law. Get as much out of the way as you can. If you have emergency items like cones or signs, stand them up to keep drivers away from you.

  • Play it safe with the jack. Use it as the manual prescribes. Don’t attach it somewhere that isn’t recommended. 

  • Make sure the spare is there. Every time you get a rotation (every other oil change), have your auto mechanic check your spare tire’s PSI. Unused tires can tend to lose their air over time.

  • Know which way to turn the lug nuts. It’s counter-clockwise to remove the tire and clockwise to tighten. Sometimes a bolt seems not to budge, and a driver steps on the tire iron to budge the screw. This is a terrible idea and an excellent way to snap the lug nut right off your car. Make sure you have a little can of WD-40 in your emergency kit.

  • Put it all back the way you found out. You may need it again soon, so make sure the spare, jack, and emergency items are all returned to their proper storage spots as soon as the new tire is on.

At American Five Star Auto Repair and Transmission, we’ve seen enough stripped hubs and bent rims to know that people don’t always do the preparation they need to keep safe. Don’t be one of them, and don’t forget to call on American Five Star for assistance if you need service today!


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