Where to repair your diesel engine in Tempe AZ?

The Diagnosis process:  

 When you have a diesel engine that is malfunctioning first you need to check: Engine oil, make sure oil is full and still has its viscosity. Air Filter, make sure clean so engine has air flow. Fuel Filter should be replaced every oil change to make sure it has good flow to the injectors. After all this checks are done then you will need to find a repair facility to scan on-board engine computer and record data stream. This is where the technician can tell whether there is a issue with an sensor an injector or wiring issue. Once the problem has been identified then circuit testing will be necessary to confirm faulty component. At this point a price came be determined to solve the issue.    

The Repair process: 

   Once the issue has been identified with the diesel engine. The technician can order parts needed to complete the repair. And proceed to disassembling and inspecting area on and around found issue. Once the area has been cleaned and inspected and parts received then the technician can install part(s). And check for successful repair by scanning on-board computer system and system operation.

About American Five Star Diesel Repair:

    At American Five Star located at 2070 E. Apache Blvd Tempe AZ 85281. We are highly experienced in how diesel engines operate and can quick can identify what the issue is. Our state of the art facility and equipment can handle from cranes to one ton vehicles. Give American Five Star a call today (480)966-8181. Fleet customer welcome. We have technicians avalible to get your diesel back on the road A.S.A.P.

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