Why buying parts on the internet for your auto repair, might not be in your best interest.

 So you want your vehicle repaired. You went to a local repair shop and they provided you with an estimate to fix your vehicle. The price was more than expected. So your thought is; I am going to try to find it cheaper. So you called around a few more places to find price ranges. After that you went to your trusting friend "the internet". You started looking for your parts and you are surprised at how much different the price is. Wow! A significant difference. So why so much more at your local repair shop you ask yourself?


   So you now decide to order the part and in two days the part arrives. You think maybe I will replace it myself, you open the hood or go underneath your vehicle and you are now apprehensive, all those parts! And now realize you may need special tools and decide. "Maybe I need a professional to install this part". You then go to your auto shop and ask "if they would install your part"? This particular shop will but the labor all of a sudden goes up from what you were quoted before. You are then told they won't warranty the part you provided. Reluctantly you agree to have the part installed and pay the shop what they want. Then down the road you go.

  Then a month later, a problem happens. It seems to be the same problem as the last time. So you go to your repair shop and they find the part is defective. They inform you that the part is bad that was replaced just last month. Plus there we be a labor charge to replace the part since the part was not purchased from the shop. Then you inform them the part was bought on the internet and will take time to get a new one.

So in conclusion, Labor will have to be paid twice! Also the defective part shipped back and purchased again so you get it quicker, on top of that - waiting for the original purchase money to be refunded. Now factor in the down time and rental car cost if you need transportation, a major inconvenience. So in hind sight you ask yourself where did I save money. The moral of this story – find a good local repair shop with certified technicians you can trust and stick with them. Your auto repairs will be done correctly they will stand behind their work with a warranty and you will have a lot less stress on your part.

Words to remember; you only get what you pay for.


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