Young Drivers: What We Wish We Could Tell Our Younger Selves About Car Safety

Photo by why kei on Unsplash


At the start of our driving journey, we have all made countless careless mistakes. Unfortunately, that’s just part of the process. The best teacher in life is experience.

We can’t guarantee you that you won’t make many mistakes when you start driving. However, we can help you out by listing some of our biggest mistakes so that you can at least avoid them! Here’s some of what we had to learn the hard way as we grew:

1. Speeding is not worth it. Aggressive driving is unwelcomed on Tempe roads. Trust us when we say that we, too, don’t want to waste our time by waiting for the vehicle in front of us to speed up. However, if you are on a busy road, the wise decision would be to be patient and wait until you have enough visibility to pass the other driver. Speeding may be fun, but you shouldn’t do it.


2. Read more. Learning thoroughly about your vehicle and mastering the fundamentals of car maintenance provides a tremendous benefit for you, your passengers, and even the technicians that do your check-up! They say that knowledge is power; this is especially true when it comes to operating a heavy machine like an automobile.


3. Don’t drink and drive. Do whatever you can to ensure that no alcohol gets into your body before a road trip. Alcohol is a short-term pleasure that leads to long-term catastrophes if you are driving. Even a small amount of alcohol is a destabilizing influence on your body and could have very real consequences for you, your passengers, and others.


4. Focus is everything. We live in a very distracted (and distracting) world. We didn’t have smartphones back in the day, but a phone can be pretty distracting even if you are talking briefly with somebody. The same is true of playing with the music system, or even talking to someone actively. When driving, you need to make sure that you eliminate all the distractions and you have your eyes “glued” to the steering wheel and the road. Trust us, it’ll make things so much easier.

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