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American Five Star Auto Repair & Transmission knows that your vehicle doesn’t always behave the way you want it to. The engine may stop or it won’t crank, maybe crank but doesn’t start. Maybe the brakes are Making noise or your “check engine” light came on. Sometimes the engines exhaust is emitting clouds of smoke or smells foul. American Five Star Auto Repair & Transmission’s ASE Certified technicians can professionally diagnose whatever issue you might be experiencing with your vehicle. When it comes to auto repair in Tempe, AZ, AFS can handle it! Why us? You ask. We have the latest diagnostic tools and we know how to use them! We can professionally repair whatever issue that is making your car, not meet your expectations. Choose American Five Star Auto Repair & Transmission for all of your auto repair needs.

Vehicle Vibration

A vibration that you feel as your driving and one that is when you’re at a stop is an annoying occurrence. Down the road vibrations can be cause by Tires. Alignment, Axles or driveshaft, engine mounts, bearings, worn steering and suspension components. Where a vibration at stopped at idle could be caused by: engine mounts, or engine misfire. . These problems might cause additional problems, like reducing your fuel consumption efficiency and other unsafe problems. Whatever your issue American Five Star Auto Repair & Transmission will get the job done.

Electrical Problems

 When it comes to electrical issues if your battery and /or you’re charging system is faulty it may be the cause of your problem. We here at American Five Star Auto Repair & Transmission have the knowledge and equipment to diagnose and repair any electrical problem. We also can re-wire a whole vehicle and do customer installs. So if you have any electrical problems call American Five Star Auto Repair & Transmission. Will get the job done right the first time.

Odd Smell

If you have noticed a peculiar smell coming from your vehicle, it could be Fuel or some other type of fluid. Fumes can be dangerous if inhaled and may also indicate a serious problem with your vehicle. Perhaps your vehicle’s engine is overheating, which could mean a coolant system problem or oil dripping on the exhaust. American Five Star Auto Repair & Transmission’s ASE Certified technicians can Diagnose and repair all of these issues with our State of the art diagnostic equipment! Will get the job done right the first time, right away!

Strange Noises

Have you experienced a clanging, squeeking, or even a loud rattle noise coming from under your vehicle? Let AFS Diagnose the problem and fix it before it becomes a larger repair expense. Whether it is a problem with belts or brakes, struts or tires, AFS can help. There are a lot of systems on your car or truck that can become loose, or wear out. You can trust your automotive repairs, service and maintenance to AFS automotive experts. We’ll find the source of that strange sound with our, State of the art, diagnostic system. Then quickly fix it so that you can be back on the road safely.

Call AFS Car Care Center for Professional Diagnosis & Professional Repairs. 480-966-8181