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Heating and Cooling

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Keeping your vehicle's engine cool may only be a quick part replacement, or it could involve more complex repairs. Our technicians can perform a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle’s cooling systems to determine what is needed.

Vehicle Heating & Cooling

 Manufacturers recommend replacement of the coolant at scheduled intervals. Unlike many service shops that just perform a flush, American Five Star Auto Repair & Transmission provides a lifetime protection plan with our signature "complete radiator flushing service" that includes the following:

Inspect and pressure test for leaks

Drain and add chemical flush to the radiator

Power flush chemicals through the radiator engine and heater core

Refill system with proper amount of New coolant 

Add BG sealer/conditoner to the system

Important parts we repair or replace include:


Radiator Cap

Radiator and heater hoses

Radiator Fan/Fan Clutch


Water Pump


Fan Belts or Serpentine Belt

Cooling temperature Sensor

Heater Core

 Air Conditioning System

Every ride in your car should be cool and comfortable. That’s why we offer a variety of air conditioning services and repairs. We specialize in the following key services:

A/C Diagnostics and Repair Visually inspect A/C components

Run performance test including:

System state of charge test

System control test

Perform leak test using approved electronic leak detector

If a slow leak cannot be detected, a dye detection service may need to be performed.

A/C Retrofit

Ask an auto advisor for the right solution for your vehicle.

What does my heating and cooling system do?

The cooling system keeps the engine from overheating by transferring the heat produced by the engine through the radiator to the air. The thermostat allows the engine to heat up as quickly as possible. Then keeps the engine at a constant temperature with the fan drawing air across the radiator.

How does my heating and cooling system work?

The cooling system circulates coolant through pipes and passageways in the engine. As this liquid passes through the hot engine, it absorbs heat, which cools the engine. After the liquid leaves the engine, it passes through a radiator, which transfers the heat from the fluid to the air blowing through the radiator. Key system components include Coolant, cooling fans and the radiator, thermostat, hoses heater core water pump.



Coolant or Antifreeze is mixed with a precise volume of water to produce a solution that lowers the freezing point of the water, reducing the likelihood that the fluid in your closed cooling system will freeze, expand and damage the engine block and other system components. Coolant also raises the boiling point of water under pressure, enhancing the cooling system’s ability to remove and dissipate heat. Also Lubricates water pump and stops corrosion.

Cooling Fans

If you’re stuck in traffic or driving slowly you need something to move the air through the radiator, and cooling fans do just that. Usually mounted just behind the radiator, there are two types of cooling fans, belt powered and electric powered.


Air flows through the radiator to dissipate the heat which the coolant has absorbed from the engine.

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