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Transmission Service on your Jeep

Jeep auto repair in TempeWhether you have a manual transmission or an automatic transmission, be sure you research Jeep transmission shops carefully. Most people don't just own their vehicle, they rely on their car too. Cars are filled with elaborate systems, and one of the most complex is your automatic transmission or manual transmission. Whether it is something simple as wanting to change transmission fluid or something complicated like stopping a transmission slipping problem, you are probably better off going to a qualified Tempe transmission service shop. That is why it's vital to research transmission repair shops ahead of time for your Jeep transmission repair in Tempe. If you're like most people, you wait until your Jeep actually breaks down before you look for a transmission repair shop in Tempe to fix your Jeep. This is not the best way to go about finding quality automatic transmission repair in Tempe. First off, you want to know the fees you will be charged by the transmission repair shop in Tempe for your Jeep.

What Fees a Transmission Repair Can Cost

Transmission repair techs at transmission shops in Tempe usually charge a rate based on the parts your Jeep will need plus any and all labor charge. In addition, some transmission service technicians will charge you a diagnostic fee which is often applied to the balance of your repair charges. Steer clear of transmission shops without a transparent fee list. As a rule, get a quote in person so the price is in writing, and handed to you for review. A shady mechanic can easily work around a phone quote. First you need to know what the problem is with your transmission. If the car is drivable, have the mechanic take it out for a test drive to see if your problem really is in the transmission, like transmission slipping and not some other issue that may be causing the problem. Transmission problems fit into several categories.

Transmission Repair #1: Changing Transmission Fluid on Your Jeep

When your transmission is leaking, you'll be able to tell because of the pink stain under your vehicle when you park it. Transmissions have about twenty seals that can go bad that vary from easy to hard to fix. A good Tempe transmission service shop will be able to determine where the leak is and fix it accordingly, and change transmission fluid as needed. Its never a good idea to let a transmission leak go on for a while. An engine can't run without oil, nor can a transmission run without fluid. Another way to tell if there is a leak is a burning smell. This is usually because the transmission fluid is leaking on the exhaust.

Using the Check Engine Light and Automatic Transmission Service

Jeep transmission repair in TempeThe dreaded 'Check Engine' light is another sign that the transmission may be acting up. Most engines have computers that recognize problems such as transmission slipping or other transmission malfunctions. You want to repair your transmission rather than replace it, so do not ignore the light by any means. Engine revs without power going to the wheels are a sign of transmission slipping Many things within a transmission slipping can cause slipping, and all of them are fairly serious. This is only a short list of potential issues that a Jeep transmission repair shop in Tempe will be able to diagnose and ultimately repair. Trust your feelings when hunting for a Tempe transmission repair shop. If for any reason you're feeling that they won't be able to repair your transmission issue on your Jeep, or that they're not reliable, then go find a different shop as a replacement. Your Jeep isn't just your automobile, it is an investment. The key is to get yourself a Tempe transmission repair shop that will take care of your Jeep transmission repair with know-how.

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