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What is preventative maintenance? And why is it so important to you!

 My mother always told me that “an ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure” growing up. I thought to myself “what, is she crazy about cooking?’ It wasn’t until my mid- thirties did I understand exactly what she meant. Being proactive vs. reactive save not only money but time, stress, and aggravation.

Well it definitely hold true to vehicle ownership. The engine oil change everyone who owns a vehicle knows but there is so much more. Each system has its service interval whether time or mileage at some point that system will need attention.  This is why I have created the welcome packet this lets you know when every system need to be serviced. See link below.

Inside these pages you will find how to maintain your vehicle until 300,000 miles not the 120,000 miles the manufacture recommends.

Did You Know?

Do you know how much it cost you to drive a mile? If you average the cost of a new automobile at $25,000. And it cost annually $1,000 to maintain properly. Now it takes you 6 years to drive to 100,000 miles. Your cost per mile is $0.31 per mile.

  Ok now take that same vehicle and drive until 200,000 miles. Let’s say it take 12 years to get there and let’s say you may need a major repair of $4,000 (engine transmission etc.) your cost per mile is $0.11 per mile. So the difference is $0.20 per mile or $40,000. Wow now that’s a lot of pound of cure.

So the formula is cost of vehicle, divided by mileage, equals cost per mile, without maintenance. Then take the, time it takes to get to that mileage, multiply by the cost of maintenance, then divide by mileage, to get the cost of maintenance per mile. Then add both, cost per mile without maintenance, and the, cost per mile of maintenance, and you have your cost per mile.

Did you get that please give me fed back