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Wheel Alignment

First we must know the terminology that explains wheel alignments.

 Camber   is the angle from top of tire to bottom of tire measured in and out using degrees.

 Toe         is the angle from front and back of tire measured in and out using degrees. Also which effects the direction and straightness of the steering wheel.

Caster     is the angle in relationship with front to rear of the tire to the whole vehicle using degrees.

Thrust angle is the angle between rear and front axles using degrees as measurement.

These measurements are what is used to make sure every component is in proper specification.

There are many reason you should have your wheel alignment checked every year.

Here are the most important:

1 – Reduce tire wear: if camber or toe are off tire wear will happen and the degree out of spec will determined how fast the wear.

2- Straightness driving down the road: any of these angles out of adjustments can make your vehicle pull front one side to another.

3- Fuel economy: the straighter your vehicle drives down the road the, less resistance, improving fuel consumption.

4- Safety: checking for worn components and also, in case of hazard avoidance, you will be able to keep vehicle under control. And not over correct improving handling.

We recommend have your vehicles alignment check every year 15,000 miles and fully adjusted every 30,000 miles. Basic alignment is $80.00 *camber caster adjustment additional

Check out our 30,000 mile menu pricing page. Link below